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Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthShanghai; LA
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Job Responsibilities

1、Learn authentication related knowledge points through training, understand the product (trendy shoes and clothing, bags, luxury goods, etc.) authentication characteristics. 2, According to the identification knowledge points to identify the company's platform goods, check the authenticity of the goods, the formation of identification report, the identification results are responsible. 3、Take the initiative to learn about market trends, pay attention to fashion trends, understand the characteristics of products, and cooperate with the commodity operation team to complete the trendy commodity analysis brief. 4、For the daily work results of the data summary, timely review, improve efficiency, and cooperate with product operations to complete the work of related testing and demand collection. 5、Assist in completing other tasks of the merchandise research centre, such as sourcing, photography, genuine product library management, etc. Note: You will be required to come to Shanghai for training for about 6 months, and return to work in the Los Angeles warehouse after the training period. Expenses during the training period in Shanghai can be reimbursed (e.g. round-trip airfare, accommodation, quarantine period expenses, etc.), and wages during the training period will be paid normally.

Job Requirements

1, College degree or above, fluent in English & Chinese, with green card or work visa preferred. 2, Down-to-earth efforts (accept the warehouse office environment, accept the travel, plus scheduling and other work nature), have certain anti-stress ability, stable, down-to-earth and sincere, positive and optimistic. 3, With self-driven and fast learning ability, good at thinking, willing to research. 4, Integrity, realistic, careful and rigorous work, serious and responsible attitude, good communication and expression skills.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Other consulting positions


Unlimited experience

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