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Sales Director(Vietnam)
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthVietnam - Vietnam
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Job Responsibilities

1. Develop and execute market expansion strategies in Vietnam, including setting targets for opportunity assessment, sales performance, and market share, tracking the implementation of targets, and coordinating the execution team to ensure that these goals are achieved. 2. Responsible for building the Vietnam distribution network, including creating and implementing distribution plans, defining cooperation relationships with distributors, optimizing distribution channel management, and ensuring distributor profits. 3. Develop and optimize distribution policies, recruit high-quality distributors through various channels, complete recruitment and management targets, manage the company's distribution team, and achieve business goals by working closely with distributors. 4. Work closely with the company's headquarters and other teams, including marketing, product management, sales, and customer service, to ensure the success of the company's business and market growth in Vietnam. 5. Familiar with the competitive environment and opportunities of the Vietnamese market, provide market feedback, competitive intelligence, and creativity at appropriate times to promote the success of our products and services in the Vietnamese market. 6. Regularly and promptly report work progress and status in writing to the head of the market at the headquarters. 7. Complete other work tasks assigned by superiors.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above, any major. 2. At least 6 years of experience in distribution network management, independently building distribution networks, developing markets, and achieving sales targets. Rich business resources in Bathroom products is preferred. 3. Excellent leadership and execution ability, able to effectively grasp sales process, and achieve sales targets. 4. Able to establish and maintain good relationships with distributors and customers, and have successful local business and sales experience in Vietnam. 5. Familiar with the Vietnamese market, Vietnamese culture, customs, and business practices, and able to establish good interpersonal relationships. 6. Ability to independently operate projects and have strong execution ability. 7. Hold a local Vietnamese driver's license, and basic English ability is preferred. Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Please feel free to contact Zoey for more details. WhatsApp or WeChat: +86 13699832407 Email: zoey.ma@hiredchina.com

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Sales director


5~10 years

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