Lead Interior Designer
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthBeijing
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Job Responsibilities

Lead Interior Designer Salary:Negotiable Location: Beijing Main Duties: 1. According to the client's existing building site conditions and design requirements, a successful candidate requires comprehensive thinking from overall planning skills. A spatial form to spatial movement, and put forward design themes and creative concepts; accurately and clearly explain design concepts to customers; promote customer cooperation and be responsible for communication with customers, solve customer decoration design problems and improve customer satisfaction. 2. Responsible for the quality of all design work such as design plans, renderings, construction drawings, as well as the implementation and supervision of subsequent work such as material selection and supporting plans, arrange, coordinate, and review the work of the design team, guide the design team. 3. In the project design stage, a series of visual forms such as hand-painting, sketch up, renderings, PS collages, reference drawings, etc. can be used to display and communicate design concepts to customers and internal teams; responsible for external professional Coordinate and communicate with subcontractors to ensure that the drawings meet the requirements. 4. Excellent program packaging ability and proposal skills, strong and confident aura. 5. Deepen the design stage, fully understand the construction process, structure and material properties, guide the drawing of the construction drawing of the horizontal section and the node; understand the project cost, be able to continuously optimize the plan based on customer feedback and budget conditions, while maintaining the uniqueness of the design Improve the degree of implementation. 6. Lead the project team to guide the activities of the construction phase, including drawing review, requesting information, drawing and document maintenance (document collection, sorting, preservation), etc. 7. In the implementation phase, it can guide the drawing of construction drawings of the horizontal and vertical section.

Job Requirements

1. 3+ years Interior Designing experience 2. Holds Bachelor degree 3. Holds working visa

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Other design positions


Unlimited experience

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