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Kindergarten/ Hoomroom Teacher&English Teacher/FALL 2024
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthBeijing
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities 1. Fully and serious in preparation before class. 2. Teachers shall attend teaching related activities, including outdoor activity, mathematics, arts, Montessori or IB-PYP, etc. 3. Implement curriculum and design lessons. The teacher agrees and accepts to plan and arrange lessons according to the course, syllabus or employer's arrangement, and to use the teaching materials specified by the employer. 4. With children's development as the center, each semester according to the overall work ideas of the kindergarten, combined with the development goals and characteristics of the children in the class, reasonable design of monthly and weekly plan (including children's development assessment) in the class, and prepare a work summary at the end of each semester. 5. Lead class members to organize and implement the plans from kindergarten or/and class, be responsible for carrying through the plan, make sure all class teachers to fulfill their duties. 6. Lead the class members to carry out various forms of parents' work creatively, get parents' strong support and cooperation for class work. 7. Cooperate with the supervisor to do a good job in the ideological work of the class, strengthen the communication with the class members, in line with the principle of sincere treatment, mutual understanding and mutual respect, establish a good class atmosphere, adjust the enthusiasm of the class teachers to work together to carry out class work.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements 1. Bachelor’s degree or above in Education or in the field of the applied teaching position. 2. Licensed teachers with accredited credentials are preferred. English language teaching certifications such as CELTA, DELTA are also welcomed. 3. More than three years teaching experience is preferred.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Other education positions


3~5 years

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