NPD leader
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthShenzhen, DongGuan
SAOS Shenzhen Co. Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1.Communicate with customers to align with their requirements and expectations, and help defining project specifications such as function, appearance, structure, materials, quality and test standards, legal and regulations requirement, etc.. 2.Work with R&D on a feasibility study when needed. 3. Build and manage the NPD plan, track all actions to ensure activities can meet NPD plan and customer requirements. 4. Review the product design and prototype approvals (including reliability testing and compliance certifications…). 5. Continuously communicate with customer on product development and modifications until it meets customer overall acceptance (function, cost and timeline), and bring it to mass production. 6. Support or lead as needed, SCM PM and R&D, for communication with customers to ensure clear technical understanding of the requirements as well as our company capability and capacity to deliver.

Job Requirements

1、本科以上学历,理工科专业。over bachelor degree, engineering background 2、英文听说读写流利。Fluent English 3、具备结构设计、模具、NPI 相关经验8年以上,足够的五金、塑胶、电子类知识。Have experience of design, molding, NPI and knowledge of metal, plastic and electronic 4、具备与海外客户直接沟通、开会、技术探讨的能力。can directly communicate with customer 5、会使用2D 、3D软件,具备电子类知识。be familiar with 2D and 3D

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Project management


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