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Korean purchasing development (base in Korea)
Shenzhen Jiaweiyi Technology Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities: (Business position with high income) 1. Inquiry and quotation processing: complete various procurement tasks and system operations assigned by the company; 2, negotiation/purchase: understand the specifications and models of materials, familiar with the relevant standards of materials, and control the requirements of purchase orders and delivery time; 3. Supplier development/management: supplier development and review, timely purchase of materials, check bills; 4, upstream and downstream market analysis/prediction: familiar with the market price of the materials responsible, understand the market sources of related materials, reduce procurement costs; 5. Promotion and reporting: timely follow-up and confirmation of materials, record and verification of material accounts, assistance in handling incoming materials anomalies; 6. Other matters assigned by the leader. Career path: International Development - International Purchasing - Product Manager

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: 1, Bachelor degree or above, proficient in English, can be used as the working language, proficient in office software; 2, Good word organization and language expression skills; 3, Open and generous, logical, rigorous and careful, active thinking, team spirit, stable and steadfast; 4, Overseas study experience is preferred, relevant work experience is preferred; Welcome excellent graduates delivery, the company will focus on training.

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Procurement Specialist/Supervisor


Unlimited experience

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