Center for Language Education Faculty Positions – English Language
Southern University of Science and Technology
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Job Responsibilities

1. Teaching academic listening, speaking, reading, and writing at various levels; 2. Providing training for graduate students and faculty members in using English as the medium of instruction; 3. Providing training for the administrative staff to develop English competency; 4. Curriculum, assessment and materials development; 5. Participating in department meetings or program support activities as needed.

Job Requirements

1. Candidates must have a master’s or doctorate degree in TESOL, TEFL, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics or a related field; 2. Minimum 3 years’ experience teaching English at the college/university level; 3. Experience in one or more of the following areas: EAP, curriculum development, ESP for STEM, assessment, teacher training, academic writing, educational technology; 4. Experience living/teaching abroad is highly desirable; 5. For applicants with a doctorate degree, evidence of research publication in the field of English language education.

Required Languages


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English teacher


Unlimited experience

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