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3 ESL teachers needed in beautiful Yangshuo of Guilin
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Job Responsibilities

We are currently seeking full-time ESL English native teachers. Job Responsibilities: ★ Teach small class sizes, with 4-12 adult students per class. ★ Conduct face-to-face teaching for 3-5.5 hours per day, 5 days a week (Monday – Friday). ★ Assist students in improving their English skills, particularly in speaking and listening. Work Environment: If you desire a high-quality lifestyle, Yangshuo can be one of the best places to work and live in. People choose to work here for the following benefits: ★ Yangshuo is recognized as one of China's most beautiful counties, boasting breathtaking scenery of hills and rivers. ★ Enjoy a slower and more relaxing pace of life. ★ Free from traffic congestion, allowing more time to enjoy life. ★ Experience cleaner air and water in Yangshuo, as it is a well-preserved tourist destination. ★ Engage in an active lifestyle in Yangshuo, with opportunities for rock climbing, hiking, and swimming. ★ Just a 5-minute bike ride will take you into the countryside, surrounded by nature (for more activities, visit ★ Yangshuo is a paradise for rock climbers, offering numerous hiking and biking trails amidst stunning landscapes. ★ Despite being small, Yangshuo is convenient and international. It is only a 1-hour bus ride from Guilin city, 2.5 hours by train from Guangzhou, and 3.5 hours by train from Hong Kong. ★ Many Westerners visit or stay in Yangshuo for business purposes. Hotels, bars, and cafes can be found throughout the area. ★ Enjoy a lower cost of living in Yangshuo. Why work at Omeida: ★ Established in 2001, we have been dedicated to education ever since. ★ As the largest and most reputable language school in Yangshuo, we attract students from all over China as well as international students from 68 countries and regions. ★ We provide a worry-free experience for our staff, offering free furnished accommodation, low-cost meals (approximately 1 USD/meal at the school's canteen), visa support, and a professional and supportive educational team. ★ Omeida is one of the few providers in China that offers a total immersion language experience. ★ Our classes have small student-to-teacher ratios, with 1-12 students per class, ensuring high-quality teaching and learning. ★ No office hours required. You will have 3-5.5 teaching hours per day and guaranteed weekends off! ★ Language partners are available for those interested in learning Chinese. Highly motivated adult students can also become your friends.

Job Requirements

To be eligible for this position, the following qualifications are required: ★ Must be a native English speaker. ★ Possess a Bachelor's degree or higher. ★ Must have a clean criminal record. ★ Hold a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate. ★ Demonstrates high motivation, responsibility, confidence, outgoing personality, and flexibility. ★ Age requirement: between 22-55 years old.

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English teacher


1~3 years

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