After sales service manager
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthRussia - Moscow Region, Russian Federation
Guangzhou Huajing machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Customer investigation and development: Conduct customer investigation activities, conduct customer follow-up visits, understand various aspects of customer situations, and provide a basis for developing potential customers. Supervise team operations and ensure that customer service representatives follow standard procedures to resolve customer issues and handle customer feedback. 2. Customer Information Management: Establish a customer information management system to collect, summarize, and document customer information, analyze special customers, and provide a basis for improving sales strategies and customer service strategies. Develop strategies and goals to improve customer satisfaction. 3. Customer Relationship Management: Establish a customer relationship management system, strengthen customer communication, improve customer service methods, improve customer service systems, consolidate and strengthen relationships with customers, and provide support for the company's sales work. 4. Key Customer Management: Establish a dedicated key customer service team to tailor personalized services for the company's key customers, provide targeted and comprehensive services, strengthen cooperation with key customers, provide strategic suggestions, improve and optimize customer service processes, and enhance customer experience. 5. After sales service management: Establish an after-sales management system, standardize the implementation of various after-sales service tasks, fulfill commitments, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, analyze data, monitor performance, record customer service situations, and summarize and analyze customer service issues. 6. Customer complaint management: Establish a customer complaint management system, use clever handling techniques to eliminate misunderstandings between enterprises and customers, and create a good external environment for the company's business and sales activities.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above in automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, or related fields. English proficiency level 6 or above, able to communicate with users through email and oral communication. 2. Possess good communication, organization, coordination, and leadership skills. 3. Familiar with the process of customer service. 4. Possess management and training experience, able to effectively lead and manage teams. 5. Possess the ability to solve problems, collaborate, and make independent decisions. 6. Possess the ability to analyze large amounts of data, develop business plans and strategic solutions.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Customer service


1~3 years

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