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Overseas Sales Manager
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Job Responsibilities

1. Assist the VP to establish sales strategy, formulate sales strategy plan; 2. Responsible for the overall revenue, expense and profit, controlled the sales progress; 3. Have market insights, and provide strategic for business development; 4. Managed sales team, established, organized the sales team to completed the sales plan; 5. Presided contracts of the key accounts, assisted in dealing with complaints and tracking of core customers, and was responsible for customer satisfaction; 6. Continue to deepen industry customer analysis and explore user needs; 7. As a business sales partner, assist CEO/VP work .

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree, major in HVAC/refrigeration/manufacturing preferred; 2. More than 10 years' sales experience in data center products or refrigeration system; 3. More than 5 years of team management experience, good leadership skills; 4. Strong sense of responsibility, self-drive, honesty and integrity.

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Job Details

Position type

Sales director


More than 10 years

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