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Diaper R&D Engineer
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthShenzhen
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the research and development, upgrading and improvement of new diapers; 2. Responsible for sample testing of products in various foreign markets, comparison of structure and performance, and standard analysis of product development direction; 3. Responsible for the design, development and result verification of new product testing methods; 4. Responsible for the production process design and verification of new products, including product results and structural scheme design, production process verification, etc.; 5. After sample confirmation, can independently make product drawings, technical standards, BOM, etc.; 6. Put forward suggestions for continuous improvement and optimization of existing products by comparing the performance of products and raw materials on the market, introducing new technologies or new materials, and optimizing production processes, etc.

Job Requirements

Recruitment requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in fine chemical engineering, polymer material, nonwoven material and engineering is preferred; 2. More than 5 years of work experience in diaper research and development, familiar with the basic properties of various materials, familiar with wood pulp mixed cotton core product structure is preferred; 3. Have good professional knowledge of diapers, solid theoretical foundation and time experience, and be skilled in using the laboratory's daily research and development of instruments and equipment; 4. Proficient in diaper development process, product structure, formula technology, production process and product testing methods.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Other technical positions


3~5 years

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