Site Selection and Development Manager选址开发经理
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthIndonesia - 印度尼西亚
Miniso (Guangzhou) Company Limited
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Job Responsibilities

1、制定目标区域市场的投资发展战略规划,制定符合公司发展及团队建设的业务发展方针和政策; 2、管理部门对海外代理、加盟的资料收集、整理及联络,有规划地进行海外投资业务拓展工作,建立海外代理、加盟网络平台; 3、参与业务谈判,积极创造合作商机,促成意向客户与公司的合作; 4、负责部门外部事务的协调,及时解决与公司内部各部门、与合作伙伴产生的各种问题,保证业务开拓的顺利进行; 5、负责组织开拓外部资源,建立与其他各渠道的合作,能有效完成资源整合与互换; 6、结合公司优势资源,积极提高团队业务水平和团队整体业绩; 7、对合作方案、合同进行审核与成本风险监控,保证部门对外工作开展符合公司标准,保持公司品牌形象。 1. Develop investment and development strategic plans for the target regional market, and formulate business development policies and guidelines that are in line with the company's development and team building; 2. The management department collects, organizes, and contacts information on overseas agents and franchisees, conducts planned overseas investment business expansion work, and establishes overseas agent and franchise network platforms; 3. Participate in business negotiations, actively create cooperation opportunities, and facilitate cooperation between potential customers and the company; 4. Responsible for coordinating external affairs of the department, promptly resolving various issues with internal departments and partners of the company, and ensuring smooth business development; 5. Responsible for organizing and exploring external resources, establishing cooperation with other channels, and effectively completing resource integration and exchange; 6. Combining the company's advantageous resources, actively improving the team's business level and overall performance; 7. Review cooperation plans and contracts and monitor cost risks to ensure that the department's external work complies with company standards and maintains the company's brand image.

Job Requirements

1、本科及以上学历,市场营销或管理、工科类专业毕业;(学历上可否放宽) 2、英语或印尼语能作为工作语言; 3、5年以上商务拓展类、市场类、营销类工作经验;3年以上代理加盟开拓、招商或者企划推广的部门负责人工作经验; 1. Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in marketing, management, or engineering; 2. English or Indonesian can be used as a working language; 3. More than 5 years of work experience in business development, marketing, and marketing; More than 3 years of experience as a department head in agency franchise development, investment attraction, or planning and promotion;

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Other marketing positions


3~5 years

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