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Job Responsibilities

Requirements: 1、Reception and on-site explanation services for external governments, universities, associations and enterprises; 2、Assist in the implementation of the reception activities of pick-up, on-site guidance/explanation, conference affairs and other link arrangements; 3、Assist in sorting out and improving the reception system and SOP process, explain the update of speech skills and staff training; 4、Responsible for the overall operation of the exhibition hall and the front desk; 5、English as the dominant working language; 6、Russian, Ukrainian and American preferred.

Job Requirements

Conditions: 1、College degree or above, major in public relations, management and other related majors is preferred; 2、The image temperament is outstanding and affinity; 3、Familiar with the standard procedures and etiquette of the reception. People with hosting, commenting training or working experience is preferred; 4、More than one year of work experience in flight attendant, government reception, and large-scale forum/exhibition explanation.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Etiquette and reception staff


Unlimited experience

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