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Job Responsibilities

Turang Media Co., Ltd. Recruitment Demand TikTok anchor Job Responsibilities 1 Live broadcast in English, responsible for live interaction with fans, introduce products, active atmosphere, improve the number of live online, and promote order transactions 2 Daily familiar with the product selling point information, summarize and refine the words. 3 Assist the company to choose live goods, flexible combined with the operation plan, to explore the selling point of the product, assist the company to jointly plan the live script and live activity program: 4 Responsible for daily short video shooting outbound.

Job Requirements

Job Qualifications 1, fluent in spoken English, good English listening and reading skills, English teachers, those with foreign trade experience, those with live experience in INS, Facebook, Amazon and other cross-border e-commerce platforms are preferred,. 2, anchor experience can be preferred, have some jewelry, beauty and other professional skills or engaged in sales work is preferred. 3、Agile clinical thinking, with good logical thinking as well as reaction ability, confident and enthusiastic with energy, with a certain degree of field control ability. 4、Outgoing and lively personality without stage fright, strong sense of camera, good at receiving new things, dare to challenge themselves. Hourly wage:200-500/h(or negotiate) Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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