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Job Responsibilities

- Responsible for the customer service work of the Korean e-commerce platforms, including handling sales issues, orders issues, product issues, and after-sales process related issues. - Responsible for classification and management of product AS problems, statistics and analysis of customer service data, and output regular reports. - Responsible for enhancement of client service process according to the competitive products data effectively. Regularly output and update the SOP of product and customer service. - Responsible for listing page review and customer service timeliness management, reducing customer complaint rate, and improving listing ratings. And cooperate with the team members to manage customer service. - Responsible for localization of detail page copy and other copy, ensuring the consistency and accuracy of copy content. - 온라인 쇼핑몰 CS, 주문, 제품, AS 프로세스 처리 등 한국 전자 상거래 플랫폼 온라인 스토어의 고객 서비스 업무를 담당 - AS 문제 분류 및 관리, 통계, 고객 서비스 데이터 분석 및 정기 리포트 정리 - 데이터와 경쟁사에 따라 적절한 고객 서비스 최적화 방안을 효과적으로 정리 - 제품 및 고객 서비스 가이드를 정기적으로 정리하여 업데이트 - 고객 리뷰(review) 관리와 스토어 고객 서비스 시효, 클레임, 상품 페이지 평점 및 고객관리 - 상품 상세페이지 카피와 다른 카피의 한국어 수정하여 카피 콘텐츠의 일관성과 정확성을 보장

Job Requirements

- Korean native speakers. - At least six months of customer service experience. - Good presentation and communication skills. Be able to reply to customer inquiries independently, including product inquiry, after-sales inquiry and avoid dispute or complains, etc. - Patient and careful, active and enthusiastic, independent learning ability, high sense of responsibility. Be able to cooperate with team members efficiently. - Be familiar with Korean e-commerce platforms is preferred. - Working experience in the digital home appliance category is preferred. - 한국어가 모국어인 분 - 6개월 이상의 고객 서비스 경력자 - 표현과 소통 능력 우수자, 타부서의 업무를 이해하고 일에 대한 유연성과 적응력을 갖추신 분 - 고객을 응대하고 서비스하는 업무에 관심과 열정이 있으신 분 - 고객 채널 상담에 대한 이해도가 높으신 분 - 한국 온라인 플랫폼에 익숙하신 분 우대 - 디지털가전제품 관련 업무 경력자 우대

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