Full-time Native-Speaker Japanese Proofreader
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthChengDu
Lan-bridge Group
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Job Responsibilities

1. Complete the translation independently according to the requirements of the project manager; 2. Assist in editing and polishing the manuscript of the project; 3. Provide regular training for department interpreters to improve the level of interpreters; 4. Answer the cultural background problems encountered by translators in the process of translation. 1.按照项目经理的要求,独立完成稿件翻译; 2.协助项目经完成稿件的编辑、润色; 3.定期为部门译员提供培训,提高译员水平; 4.解答译员在翻译过程中遇到的文化背景方面的问题。

Job Requirements

1. Native speakers of Japanese; 2. Good understanding of Chinese; 3. Rich translation and proofreading experience, familiar with social science culture, technology, games and other types of translation, willing to develop in the translation industry for a long time; 4. HSK 6 is preferred. 1.日语为母语的外籍人士; 2.中文理解能力良好; 3.有丰富的翻译和审校经验,熟悉社科文化、技术、游戏等类型翻译,愿意在翻译行业长期发展; 4.通过汉语HSK 6者优先。

Required Languages

Chinese, Japanese

Job Details

Position type

Translation / Proofreading


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