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Job Responsibilities

【About Us】 At Zhinan, we specialize in e-commerce solutions for both domestic and international clients. As an increasing number of domestic manufacturers seek to expand into overseas markets, we are seeing a growing need from our clients to connect with international talents to test a diverse range of products. We work with manufacturers who have products ready for the market but need foreign testers to test, review, and experiment with these products. 【Job Description】 We are seeking passionate and detail-oriented Product Testers to join our team. As a Product Tester, you will evaluate a variety of products and provide comprehensive feedback. Our clients span multiple industries, including tissue papers, digital gadgets, interior decoration products, and more. With our growing client base, you will have the opportunity to test new categories of products regularly. 【Key Responsibilities】 - Provide detailed feedback and reviews based on your experience with the products, addressing the specific needs of overseas consumers. - Share insights that can help improve product quality and user experience. - Videotape your testing process and feedback, which may be featured on product pages. - Assist in building brand credibility through honest and constructive feedback.

Job Requirements

【Requirements】 - Experience and understanding of using products made in China. - Strong attention to detail and excellent communication skills. - Depending on the target markets, we are looking for various language speakers, but for now, it would be mostly English. 【Preferred Qualifications】 - Previous experience in product testing or a related field. - Experience as a YouTuber/TikToker, , with knowledge of product marketing on social media, e.g., unboxing videos. - Knowledge of consumer trends and market needs.

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