HRBP Head &Administration (Based in Jordan)
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthJordan
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Job Responsibilities

1. Implement and improve the personnel system and planning, training and development, performance evaluation, and the management of employee social security benefits of the Middle East branch. 2. Organize and assist various departments in recruitment, training, and performance appraisal. 3. Prevent and deal with labor risks. 4. Complete the monthly personnel report of the support department, and do the corresponding status and data analysis.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above. 2. More than 5 years of working experience in human resources, understanding of each module of human resources. More than 3 years of experience in recruitment management. Work experience in Saudi Arabia and Jordan is preferred. Experience in internet companies is preferred. 3. Familiar with human resources working methods and processes. Familiar with labor laws and regulations in the Middle East and relevant laws and policies on employee relations. 4. Strong logical thinking and overall planning ability, good at process management, and risk control awareness. 5. Fluent in English and Arabic, fluent in Chinese is a plus. Please submit your latest resume as a single attachment and send it to or whatsapp :+86 18575629550

Required Languages

Mandarin, English, Arabic

Job Details

Position type

Education administration


3~5 years

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