Foreign Hotel Greeters
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthMaoming
Mehood Lestie Hotel (Mao Ming Dian Bai Branch)-Maoming Yide Hotel Management Co Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Under the leadership of the marketing manager, conscientiously complete all work tasks. 2. Responsible for checking and arranging before, during, and after meals to ensure compliance with standards, as well as ensuring the appearance and reception of guests. 3. Responsible for checking reservation records and special requests from customers, and distributing them according to the situation. 4. Assist the lobby manager in booking and receiving banquets and meetings. 5. Record customer complaints and opinions, promptly contact relevant departments for handling and provide feedback to superiors. 6. Coordinate the waiting and flipping of tables in the service department, and provide explanations to customers 7. Responsible for the business training, assessment, and attendance work of employees in this department. 8. Understand daily promotional activities, recommended dishes, and newly launched service items, and do a good job in front office promotion. 9. Cooperate and coordinate the work of other departments. 10. Complete other work tasks assigned by the supervisor.

Job Requirements

1. Have simple Chinese communication skills; 2. Height above 170, weight within 60kg,18-35 years old 3. Good image and temperament.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Etiquette and reception staff


1~3 years

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