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Kindergarten art teacher
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthNanjing
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Job Responsibilities

Art Teacher: • Lead interactive and dynamic art classes, fostering a supportive and encouraging learning atmosphere • Inspire creativity and artistic expression through well-crafted lesson plans and hands-on activities. • Provide individualized attention and feedback to students, helping them develop their artistic skills and talents. • Collaborate with fellow art teachers to develop and improve the art curriculum, incorporating new techniques and approaches. • Communicate with homeroom teachers about the students' learning. • Manage classroom discipline, maintain interactive class environment. • Finish the academic requirements from the academic director, maintain high teaching quality. • Design and grade homework, placement test, progress assessment. • Attend required meetings, including parents meeting, weekly academic meeting etc. (4) Party A may adjust Party B’s job or appoint Party B to do another job temporarily by virtue of its business requirements as well as Party B’s competence and performance. Party B shall agree and cooperate with Party A. -Vacancy: 2 -Student: 2-6 years old 20 kids / class with Ayi and bilingual teaching assistants -Schedule: Monday to Friday,8am-5pm -Holidays: 2 weeks fully paid summer holiday 2 weeks fully paid winter holiday 1 week fully paid Christmas holiday

Job Requirements

- English native speaker or TEFL/TESOL certified - Bachelor’s Degree or higher (with a focus in Language or Early Childhood Education preferred) - 2+ years related teaching experience preferred - Genuinely passionate about teaching, Patient and Collaborative within a team setting - Have all the documents for teaching visa

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Job Details

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English teacher


1~3 years

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