Business Reception
Huaxia Kunpeng Technology Co., ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the company's customer visits, business reception, and business activity arrangements; 2. Responsible for the arrangement of various meetings of the company; 3. Formulate business reception related systems, reception procedures and reception standards; 4. Other temporary affairs assigned by the leader.

Job Requirements

1. Female, Good image, good temperament, under 28 years old, height 1.65M or more. 2. College degree or above, more than 2 years of relevant work experience, secretarial, administrative management and other related majors are preferred; 3, strong sense of service, skilled use of computers; 4. Have good coordination and communication skills, have a sense of responsibility, have a lively and cheerful personality, and have affinity; 5. Have a certain knowledge of business etiquette.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Corporate Communication/PR


1~3 years

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