Overseas PR
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Shenzhen longjinxiang Commercial Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1.Assisting to promote the brand in the United States, and be responsible for daily contact/project communication with local PR companies in the United States. 2. Expand and maintain overseas media resources, to increase the brand's popularity/recognition/influence in the American fashion industry. 3. Responsible for daily communication and cooperation with the fashion bloggers/ celebrities, PR teams, to develop and maintain the relationships between the brand and the fashion industry. 4. Expand the brand’s market by contacting with the local buyer platforms/showrooms/shopping malls in the United States, and maintain brand’s offline marketing and promotions. 5. Responsible for writing and publishing the English version of the brand’s story and brand’s manuscript.

Job Requirements

1. People with American or British bachelor degree or above is preferred, native in English is required. 2. Fresh graduates are also considered if you are interested in overseas PR work. Preferring you to have work experience in the US/UK marketing or have PR related work experience. 3. We need people who love fashion and have excellent fashion sense. Also, with strong sense of work responsibility, strong autonomy, excellent communication skills and strong teamwork spirits. 4. People who have work experiences in the fashion industry will be preferred. 5. People who have certain Chinese foundation, and certain understanding with Chinese businesses will be preferred.

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Corporate Communication/PR


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