Base in USA: Marketing Insides Researcher (Salary: Annually USD140K -170K )
Full-time80k - 90K RMB per monthUSA
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Job Responsibilities

1、Monitor competing games and new trending gameplay, track the issuance and operation performance of competing game, summarize and analyze competing game’s marketing strategies, and explore effective issuance and operation methods 2、Track game user experience in North America and Europe, deep-dive insight into user needs and pain points, conduct research and testing based on different game development stages, and provide suggestions for product improvement and launch 3、Conduct in-depth user insights and behavioral research in North America and Europe and other regions, and assist in strategy-making of issuance and operation 4、Track the cultural characteristics and audience groups of game, the related pan-entertainment and sub-cultural industries, and provide support for product operations and marketing creative activities

Job Requirements

1、Bachelor degree or above, all professions are acceptable, psychology/sociology/anthropology and other related majors are preferred 2、1+ years’ related experience. Strategic consulting and Internet/game user research background preferred 3、Fluent in English and Chinese (working language), including daily communication, business communication, business writing and presentation. Familiar with French/Spanish/Italian/German culture or native speakers preferred 4、Proficient in various methods of market research, including interviews, questionnaire surveys, focus group, etc., and proficiently using statistical analysis software such as SPSS, SAS, Excel, etc. 5、Understand and passionate about Internet and game. Familiar with popular trends of game, animation and comic, film and television, short video.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

User aquisition


1~3 years

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