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Looking for English Part-time LQA Tester
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Job Responsibilities

About US With 15 years of industry experience and thousands of globally localized game titles under our belt, PTI is a leading provider of video game localization and translation solutions for gaming developers and publishers all around the world. Our dedicated industry services include Text Translation, Language and Audio Localization and Linguistic Testing for over 30 languages and all game genres catering to desktop and mobile platforms. At PTI, we are using our passion for games, technology and media to create a global services platform for video games and beyond. We provide support for simultaneous global multi-language releases, covering all aspects of the game localization process, including in-game Text Translation and Localization, Audio Localization and LQA (Linguistic Testing). We are currently recruiting people who are able to provide accurate game LQA/game testing. Responsibilities: 1. Your main goal as LQA Tester is to proofread texts and video game content. 2. You will also check text for consistency and recommend changes when necessary, reporting progress and raising key issues with the project lead. 3. You will ensure that subtitles match the audio tracks. 4. You will evaluate the translation quality of game text and related text LQA work to ensure the quality of product text. 5. When you find that something is wrong, you will write error reports. 6. You will provide feedback and suggestions to improve game quality and game experience. 7. You will assist in deep localization, propose deep localization suggestions, and write art requirements and other requirements.

Job Requirements

Requirements: Your choice of words will directly influence the extent of players' immersion in the virtual world and that can be a fascinating challenge. However, it requires some skills, especially: 1. Excellent Chinese (simplified or traditional) skills. 2. Perfect, native-level knowledge of English in all possible aspects (punctuation, grammar, and spelling) 3. Ability to juggle multiple tasks while managing your time efficiently. 4. Familiar with the localization project process, proficient in CAT and localization-related software. 5. Passion for video games and the localization industry. Love games and have a wide knowledge of all types of games and game-related cultural backgrounds. 6. Excellent communication skills and teamwork ability, good adaptability and problem-solving ability. Diligent, able to quickly adapt to changes and work under pressure. 7. Ability to enter the game and check in the Android or IOS system, and find out the contents that need to be modified according to the game scenes. Ability to give modification suggestions is preferred.   Workplace: work at home with internet access. Work Model: Freelancer Salary: Negotiable

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3~5 years

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