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International Sales
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Job Responsibilities

1.Actively develop domestic and foreign customers, looking for potential customers; 2.Business negotiation with customers and sales channels, maintaining relationship with partners and business cooperation; 3.Complete other matters assigned by the leadership.

Job Requirements

1. Proficient in English or Chinese and wringting skills in one of small language (Spanish, French, German, Russian), oral fluently; 2. Proficient in the use of office software (word, excel, ppt, etc.); 3. have certain sales skills, and a good communication ability; 4. good image, outgoing personality, quick-wittedness and enthusiasm; 5. Be willing to accept challenges and have strong anti-pressure ability; 6.. English can be used as working language, able to adapt to business trip. Work location: No.1 Building 2,Hongqiao Time Squre, Qingpu District, Shannghai

Required Languages

Russian, Spanish, French, German

Job Details

Position type



Unlimited experience

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