International Sales Manager
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Job Responsibilities

International Sales Representative Responsibilities The international sales representative responsibilities include managing the company's sales on an international level, hence the name. He/she travels abroad very often in order to market his/her products and services and even stays there for a given period of time. He/she plays a very vital role in maintaining the financial gains of the company and also extends its business to various parts of the world. He/she makes sure that the company he/she works in is known to as many people as possible, all across the world, so that the business of the same can be enhanced. The international sales representative works in a variety of commercial enterprises and comprehends each and every aspect of the company's commodities and services. He/she gives a live demo of the kinds and usability of the products and services to the foreign clients and makes them understand about ways and means of using the same. The international sales representative has the following key job responsibilities: Selling the products and services to the clients of the company and convincing them about their usability and advantages Searching for opportunities that enhance the sales and benefit the clients Making the clients understand about the various products and services by explaining to them about the same in their language Providing outstanding and special services to the international clients Standing in lieu of his/her nation and trying to impress the foreign clients Overlooking negative clients and updating himself/herself with the latest technological developments and enhancements in that field Upholding the sales reports, records and other important documents of the international clients Maintaining the interactions with the active foreign clients and identifying new clients as well as new business possibilities Attending international sales meetings, seminars and conferences arranged within the organization to boost the sales profits of the same Developing creative sales initiatives and applying them to improve the financial gains of the organization Heading and guiding the sales personnel within the sales section Leading the sales section with respect to the attainment of its sales aims, objectives and targets Ensuring that the requirements of the international clients are met by modifying the products and services of the organization to their likes Ensuring that his/her sales and supervisory functions are executed correctly as per the given time and within the given budgets of the company Meeting the sales quotations and financial targets Acting as the main and key resource for generating maximum revenue Convincing the clients to buy the commodities and services of the company Treating and greeting the clients very well and making them go through the purchasing methods and procedures Managing the questions of the clients and clearing all their doubts on the products and services Planning and strategizing meetings with the prospective clients in order to adjust the products with the changes in their lives Converting the meetings with the international clients into suitable sales opportunities and generating revenues from the same Submitting the reports, records, presentations and sales documents to the manager of the company Maintaining the daily, weekly, quarterly, half yearly and annual sales reports and records Executing some management activities and upholding the list of the active and future clients Upholding the bills, financial statements and records of expenditures of the international travels that he/she indulges in Administering the sales area he/she has been allocated and planning effectively to manage time and generate profits by maintaining the sales Arranging the customer base of the company and rating his/her meetings and sales work with them on the basis of that Executing all other roles, jobs, duties, undertakings and responsibilities that fall under his/her administrative and supervisory domain and all those that fit into the duties and roles of an international sales representative Thus, the international sales representative responsibilities include meeting international clients and searching for suitable sales trade opportunities within the company and from the clients abroad.

Job Requirements

1. Experience in Bath sanitary field or related field for more than 3 years 2. Bachelor degree or above 3. Self-motivated with ability to work under pressure 4. Fluent & Confident English-speaking ability 5. All necessary documents for Work Visa application should be present with candidate 6. Good enough knowledge of Sales

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3~5 years

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