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Assistant Manager of Apparel Shop (HongKong K11)
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthShanghai, Hongkong
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Job Responsibilities

Job requirements: 1. Performance management: set and break down the performance targets at all stages of the store, and lead the team to ensure that the store sales tasks are achieved. 2, customer management: can do a good job in VIP hierarchical management and maintenance of stores, expand VIP groups, and do VIP activities; Guide and urge employees to understand customer needs, collect customer feedback to the city manager, and handle all kinds of customer complaints or returns. 3. Goods management: effective management of goods to ensure that stores have sufficient product reserves and category reserves at any time and in any area to improve the effectiveness of sales; Responsible for commodity area management, warehouse return, loss prevention and theft prevention, warehouse display and transfer management. 4. Personnel management: conduct the daily management of shop assistants, and be responsible for the recruitment, entry, resignation and transfer of shop personnel; Train and transfer shop staff in sales skills, basic management and various training contents of the company, and follow up and assess them. 5. Display management: store image management to ensure that the store display details are in good condition and conform to the brand display rules and styles. 6. Cost control: formulate the daily operation budget of the store, rationally allocate resource lines and review them regularly, and declare important extra items in time to ensure the financial resources of all work of the store.

Job Requirements

Related apparel shop experience for over 5 years Work permit allown in Hongkong Cantonese speaking if you are interested in that role ,pls feel free to contact jc ,Whatsapp +86 18575629550

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Job Details

Position type

Store manager


5~10 years

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