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Looking for Translators for Multilingual Remote Game LQA Project
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Job Responsibilities

Project Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese Format: Remote Timing: End of July Payment: Hourly rate Job Description: Identify localization defects related to grammar, culture, UI, and more. Complete the LQA report and provide suggestions to improve the language used in the game.

Job Requirements

Requirements: 1. Experience in game LQA and testing; 2. Solid foundation in the target language and sensitivity to linguistic nuances, with the ability to accurately assess and correct grammatical, spelling, and semantic issues in localized texts. 3. Knowledge of the target market's culture, history, and politics. 4. Proficiency in at least one mobile or PC game.

Required Languages

Thai, Malay, Korean, Japanese, English

Job Details

Position type



1~3 years

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