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Security Officer
Part-time30K - 35K RMB per monthOnline
Guangdong Jingcheng Weishi Security Service Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

We are a professional Chinese security company, in order to serve the increasing number of clients investing abroad and to protect their overseas property and personal safety, we are now globally recruiting security officers. We welcome friends who aspire to a career in security to join our team. I. Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for providing security information and protection to multinational clients; 2. Assess the economic and social policies of the client's investment locations; 3. Evaluate potential security risks and propose appropriate preventive measures; 4. Complete security-related tasks and maintain good communication with the team; 5. Abide by the company's security and confidentiality regulations to ensure the smooth progress of work.

Job Requirements

II. Qualifications: 1. Open to candidates of all genders, ages, and nationalities; 2. Possess professional security skills and practical experience; 3. Have good communication skills and a team spirit; 4. Be responsible and dedicated to work; 5. Proficient in using computers and social media software. III. Additional Information: 1. This position is part-time, and the completion method will be discussed based on the specific task requirements. 2. Candidates with experience in the military, police, or security companies will be given priority; 3. Those with good social relations and connections in their local areas will be given priority; 4. Applicants who have provided successful security service cases will be given priority; 5. Non-native English speakers, please specify your primary communication language; 6. We offer competitive salaries and excellent career development opportunities; 7. If interested, please send your resume or contact information to our company's email address, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We look forward to your joining us in contributing to global security!

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