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Job Responsibilities

Monitor domestic and international policy trends, collect, organize, and analyze relevant policy information. Conduct in-depth research on policy backgrounds, objectives, contents, impacts, and potential risks. Perform quantitative and qualitative analyses of policies to evaluate their implementation effects. Policy Recommendation and Documentation: Propose targeted policy recommendations or improvement plans based on policy analysis results. Write policy consulting reports, research papers, policy interpretations, and other documents. Participate in the policy-making process and provide policy consulting services to governments, enterprises, or other organizations. Communication and Coordination:

Job Requirements

Project Management and Execution: Plan, organize, and implement policy consulting projects, including project planning, progress control, and quality assurance. Form project teams, clarify team member responsibilities, and ensure smooth project progress. Summarize, evaluate, and review project outcomes, and propose improvement suggestions. Professional Knowledge Update and Training: Continuously keep updated on new theories, methods, and technologies in the field of policy consulting. Participate in internal training to enhance the policy consulting capabilities of team members. Provide policy training to clients to enhance their understanding and response capabilities to policies. Customer Relationship Maintenance: Maintain good communication with clients, understand client needs and feedback, and adjust work directions accordingly. Regularly visit clients to understand the implementation effects of policy consulting

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