Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor in Marketing
SZTU Business School
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Job Responsibilities

Major:Digital Marketing, Industrial Marketing Your Tasks / Responsibilities: 1)Make good use of program-related knowledge and expertise to carry out university teaching and practical project tasks. 2)Undertake duties assigned by the school.

Job Requirements

Requirements: 1) Candidates must have marketing experience in companies, organizations and institutions with international background, open-minded personalities with the willingness to work together with companies and to do applied research. 2)Ph.D. degree. 3)A high level of English language proficiency is required to undertake English taught course(s). 4)Candidates must have a strong commitment to effective teaching, productive research, and quality services to the school, the university, and the society. 5)At least 3 years working experience in companies/institutions/organizations outside of the campus. 6)International experiences background is preferred. Application Process: Send the Application materials (Including: complete English curriculum vitae; scanned copies of graduation and degree certificate)with the title as “Full Name of Applicant + Position”

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Job Details

Position type

Subject Teacher


1~3 years

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