completion section supervisor
Smart Sino International Investment Holdings (China) Co.,Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Complete whole grassroots management work in completion section. Responsible for the completion production control of sheet, personnel coordination,management and assessment of completion section, on-site safety and hygiene management, etc. 1. Responsible for the quality management of finished product packaging, coordinate the work of each section, monitoring and promotion the staffs to do their own work well, and take direct responsibility for the product quality of the shift; 2. Responsible for deal with the abnormal production ,improve production efficiency, responsible for the yield、quality and safety in the section; 3. Responsible for supervising the hygiene and cleaning work of the section on duty; 4. Obey management, responsible for complete other temporary works assigned by leaders. Location: Indonesia

Job Requirements

1. Strong organization,communication,overall planning and coordination ability; 2. Adapt to shift duty work; 3. Positive working attitude, strong execution ability, observe discipline; 4. Proficient in Chinese, English and Indonesian is in preference to be proficient in any two of them.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English, Indonesian

Job Details

Position type

Other production positions


Unlimited experience

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