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Expert in powertrain system improvement
Full-time40k - 45K RMB per monthBeijing
Guangdong Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Human Resources Consulting Co., Ltd. 
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for analyzing and improving the quality of fuel consumption and power related issues through external feedback; 2. Responsible for proactive analysis and improvement of competitiveness after the launch of new products; Can participate in the evaluation of power matching schemes; 3. Responsible for analyzing and improving comprehensive and difficult faults in the powertrain of the entire vehicle; 4. Responsible for analyzing and improving the electronic control system, data application management, and post-processing related quality faults of the entire vehicle powertrain

Job Requirements

1. Ability and experience to propose vehicle powertrain matching system solutions (vehicle engine, general engine) and optimize engine system solutions based on segmented market demands 2. Having rich experience in quality improvement, able to quickly and efficiently analyze and solve comprehensive and difficult faults in the powertrain; 3. Strong ability in electronic control systems, post-processing control, segmented market data application, and emission control 4. Has good analytical, summarizing, and expressive abilities.

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Job Details

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Mechanical design and manufacturing


More than 10 years

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