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Product Manager
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthIndonesia
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Job Responsibilities

1. Conduct market analysis and industry research for the entire range of bathroom products. 2. Collaborate with R&D and relevant departments to propose strategies for new product launches and phased-out products, managing the product lifecycle effectively. 3.Conduct targeted research and market follow-ups for existing key products, coordinating between R&D and marketing. 4.Assist in formulating incentive, promotional policies, and sales targets for the product category. 5. Organize internal and end-user training programs to enhance product knowledge. 6.Collaborate with the sales team to brainstorm comprehensive product combinations and proposals for entire construction projects.

Job Requirements

1.Bachelor's degree or above from a recognized institution, any major. 2.Proficient in English communication, skilled in Word, Excel, and other office software. 3.Minimum 3 years of experience in product planning, participation in marketing management, and product planning-related training preferred. 4.Familiarity with bathroom product life-cycle management, market trends, competitive products, and technologies (Sanitary hardware, Showers, Ceramics, etc.). 5. Proficient in project management and market research techniques. 6. Strong analytical skills, effective communication, and high resilience

Required Languages

English, Mandarin, Indonesian

Job Details

Position type

Product manager


3~5 years

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