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Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthThailand - 芭提雅曼谷清迈普吉岛
Guangdong Qiyouji International Travel Agency Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

JOB DESCRIPTION 工作内容 1. Responsible for developing and signing contracts with hotels in Thailand, negotiating wholesaler rate with hotels and room inventory. And understand the market situation, maintain hospitality. 负责与泰国酒店签订合同,与酒店谈判批发商价格和客房库存。并了解市场情况,保持热情好客。 2. Have a certain understanding of tourism/hotel market, and can negotiate with hotels for exclusive contract according to market situation.对旅游/酒店市场有一定的了解,能根据市场情况与酒店洽谈独家签约。 3. Understand the local DMC and suppliers to establish cooperative relations. 了解当地DMC与供应商建立合作关系。 4. Familiar with the modes of different channels of the hotel, communicated effectively with the operation to push the hotel to put it on the shelves, developed a scientific market price system, and created maximum income. 熟悉酒店不同渠道的模式,与运营人员有效沟通,推动酒店上架,制定科学的市场价格体系,创造最大收益。 5. Collect information about competitors through effective channels, master market trends, and formulate and adjust relevant hotel strategies. 通过有效渠道收集竞争对手信息,掌握市场动向,制定和调整相关酒店策略。 6.Familiar with Direct connectivity with hotels. 熟悉与酒店的直接连接。 WELFARE 福利 1 Local insurance. 当地保险。 2 Local holidays and other paid leaves. 当地假期以及其他带薪假期。 3 Holiday gifts. 节日礼物。

Job Requirements

Request 要求 1. 3-5+years relevant experience of hotel mangement or tourism. 3-5年以上酒店管理或旅游经验 2 Speaks Chinese and Thai farmilialy. 会说中文泰语。

Required Languages

Thai, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Front Office Manager/Hotel Manager


3~5 years

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