Japanese tiktok overseas live broadcast broker (Part-time)
IBear online Hong Kong Co., Limited
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Job Responsibilities

1. Be responsible for recruiting online celebrities or qualified potential talents who are suitable for being "talent" and "anchor" in Japan to complete business work. 2. Be responsible for the invitation, evaluation and screening of the anchor. 3. Submit a form of association with the talent every day and hold a regular meeting for about 15 minutes to understand and synchronize the work of the day and the subsequent work plan.

Job Requirements

1. Currently living in Japan, nationality is not limited. You need to be bilingual in Chinese and Japanese to be able to communicate normally. 2. Three days of post test. 3. It is preferred to have Japanese talent / online celebrity resources. 4. Cheerful personality, strong execution and communication skills, patience, high EQ, and serious and responsible work. 1. Part time job, simple work content, flexible working system, weekly two-day rest, free working hours. 2. Salary: monthly settlement, no responsibility base salary of 3-4k, comprehensive salary of 8-10k (all in RMB). Every time a stable anchor is recruited, there will be a corresponding Commission settlement.

Required Languages

Japanese, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Other media positions


Unlimited experience

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