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Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities: 1.参加教学研究和教学培训,负责编写完善教案; Proficiency in office software, and capable of independently designing courseware. 2.能主动与家长沟通,交流孩子英语学习情况并做好记录,做好维护工作; Track students’ learning progress through daily communication, and so on. Provide parents with excellent teaching service. 3.担任英语课程的教学工作; Can teach in English and ensure the quality of instruction. 4.通过与家长的配合与共同引导,为小朋友提供系统的英语教学服务。 By cooperating and guiding with parents, English teaching service bases on its scientific and complete educational system. 5. 严格按照课程完成教学计划。 Complete the teaching plan in strict accordance with the curriculum

Job Requirements

1.要求英语母语国籍以保证纯正发音; -The native speaker of English-spoken countries; 2.热爱生活、喜爱小朋友,愿意从事教育工作;至少一年工作经验 -Enjoy being with kids&teens and passionate about education and culture industry;At least one year teaching experience. 3.具有亲和力及较强的沟通能力,富有爱心、耐心、责任心以及良好的师德风范; -Outgoing,friendly personality essential; 4.具备申请外国专业人才(B类)的资格。1)具有学士及以上学位和2年及以上相关工作经历或者TEFL 2)身体健康 3)无犯罪记录 -Qualified to apply for foreign professionals (Class B). 1)Bachelor degree or above and 2 years of relevant work experience(Or TEFL) 2) Healthy body 3)No criminal records

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Education administration


1~3 years

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