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Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities 1. Responsible for environmental deployment, architecture planning, fault handling, and disaster recovery construction of business databases; 2. Responsible for reviewing the data architecture of the project and reviewing changes; 3. Improve database system monitoring, performance analysis, and pursue 100% database availability; 4. Continuous performance tuning to ensure efficient and stable service delivery for businesses; 5. Exploring and researching new technologies in the field of databases; 6. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Job Requirements

Qualification 1. Full time undergraduate degree or above, with at least three years of DBA related work experience; 2. Familiar with the basic knowledge of Linux operating system, proficient in using commonly used Linux commands; 3. Familiar with at least one programming language such as Python or Go, able to independently write database monitoring and automated management systems; 4. Familiar with mainstream relational databases, including but not limited to Oracle, MySQL, TiDB, OceanBase, etc; 5. Proficient in database principles and familiar with high availability solutions for databases; 6. Master the use of at least one middleware technology configuration to meet the requirements of database sharding or read write separation; 7. Proficient in mainstream NoSQL, including but not limited to Redis, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, etc; 8. Have awareness of data governance and data architecture ideas, have good logical analysis and communication skills.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Operation/technical support


5~10 years

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