Hotel Guest Service manager
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthWuhan
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Job Responsibilities

location: Wuhan City Salary 20000 Responsibilities: 1. Carry out daily VIP reception on behalf of the hotel, check the room in advance, arrange relevant personnel to meet in the lobby, and follow up all needs of the VIP during the stay; 2. Answer all inquiries of guests and provide all necessary assistance and services to guests; 3. Solve guest complaints in a timely and satisfactory manner. For serious complaints, contact the department manager directly and report to the Front Office Manager; 4. Be responsible for checking the cleanliness of the lobby area and the integrity of all facilities and equipment, so as to maintain the elegant style of the hotel; 5. Ask for guest opinions, give feedback in time and inform the guests of the feedback results at the first time; 6. Keep good communication with the Conference Service Department, keep abreast of the reservation of conference rooms in the new building, and ensure the normal reception of conference activities; 7. Communicate the relationship between the Front Office and each department;

Job Requirements

Requirements: Language: Fluent in English

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Hotel reception


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