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Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthHangzhou
Nebula Katana
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Job Responsibilities

Basic salary of 6000-8000+Longquan local recruitment for T American region sales anchor and operation assistant (requires fluent English speaking and barrier free communication) 1. Under the age of 40, with or without experience. The company provides free training from 0 to 1 to teach you live streaming content, maintenance, and thinking 2. Work with enthusiasm, perseverance, and ambition!! Motivated!! 3. Don't be late or leave early 4. Daily fixed live streaming for 4-5 hours (divided into 1-2 sessions) Anchor welfare benefits: 1. Provide free one-on-one salary training, equipped with live streaming assistants, to ensure high-quality live streaming results (also recruit assistant broadcasters who can speak basic English and have learning abilities to provide training) 2. Provide high-quality platform resources and create personal vertical IPs 3. Salary and benefits: Anchor's base salary is 6000-8000+sales commission+annual bonus, comprehensive coverage of 10000 to 30000 yuan, including five insurances 4. Four days off per month (every Tuesday or Wednesday)

Job Requirements

Smooth communication

Required Languages


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Unlimited experience

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