Country Manager(Indonesia)
Full-time90k - 100K RMB per monthIndonesia
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Job Responsibilities

1. Fully undertake the achievement of the group's strategic goals in the Indonesia markets; 2. Have a comprehensive understanding of the local promotion model, be responsible for innovating the hotel business models in Vietnam and Indonesia, and realize the rapid signing of the group in overseas markets; 3. Responsible for the overall management of overseas hotel operations, including the construction, monitoring, and tracking of resource information databases, and output management systems; 4. Responsible for the construction and management of the team, including the recruitment, retention, transformation, and empowerment mechanism of the local push team; Please contact Harvey. lu for details if you are interested. email: Whatsapp:+86 14774963613 Wechat: lzp0809hc

Job Requirements

1.College degree or above, familiar with the overseas hotel market, proven record of 0-1 market expansion is preferred. 2.More than 5 years of business development, business operation experience in hospitality industry, experience in sales team establishing is preferred; 3. Have a keen market awareness, be good at digging opportunities from the market, and help the team achieve their goals;

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Job Details

Position type

Operations Director


5~10 years

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