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Student Affairs Coordinator (International Applicants), Office of Student Affairs
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthHangzhou
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Job Responsibilities

1. Plan, administer and lead a variety of student and administrative services for international students, such as matriculation, residential life, off-campus internships, volunteering programs, etc. 2. Develop and implement orientation and onboarding programs for incoming international students. 3. Support newly enrolled undergraduate and graduate international students' arrival, welcome and relocation. 4. Create an inclusive environment that welcomes multicultural students and develops processes to improve recruitment and retention. 5. Organize cross-cultural campus activities and programs to foster inclusion, cross-cultural exchange, and integration between domestic and international students. 6. Assist in international students' admissions processes, including admissions consulting and marketing activities for undergraduate international student populations. 7. Serve as a liaison with university administration on international students' policies and practices. 8. Represent the function, serving as a spokesperson on research breakthroughs to catalyze international student policy changes. 9. Collaborate with other students, staff and departments to enhance the quality of student life at Yungu campus. 10. Perform other administrative duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

1. Demonstrated competence and experience working in a university setting, particularly in student services.(e.g., higher education advising and/or student affairs/services). 2. Master’s or higher degree in career advising, university administration, student recruitment, student services, event/program planning, human resources, education, academic counseling, communication, and/or equivalent experience/training is preferred. 3. Ability to effectively communicate in Mandarin Chinese (HSK5/6). 4. Native or near-native level English fluency. 5. Excellent communication, interpersonal and intercultural relations, and decision-making. Desired: 1. Experience working in a university setting, particularly student services and/or equivalent experience/training. 2. Experience studying in China, and understanding the challenges that international students are facing in China (both academically and socially). 3. Ability to relate well to students, develop rapport, trust and work with diverse student populations. 4. Open-minded, friendly and energetic.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Education administration


1~3 years

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