Game Localization Specialist (English)
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Job Responsibilities

1. Translate and localize content for games, web, and other publishing assets for Seasun titles from Chinese into English language; 2. Proofread, edit, and review the content in your native language; 3. Collaborate with different departments and regions on various needs; 4. Stay up to date with all new features and updates of company games; 5. Maintain a consistent style throughout all game, web, and promotional content; 6. Perform and review LQA work; 7. Create a background story for new games/projects; Polish the existing game copy, including but not limited to the game/project background story, UI name, etc.; 8. Collect R&D or publisher's requirements and give suggestions for localization, based on milestone of the project; 9. Make and implement localization plan and align with the overall publishing project.

Job Requirements

1. Animation and games lover. Aesthetic specialist; 2. At least 3 years experience in animation or game industry, focusing on reviewing and optimizing game localization; 3. Native written and verbal communication skills in English language; 4. Those who understand Chinese or multilingual talents (no nationality limit); 5. Experience as a localization specialist/editor; 6. Familiar with the game release process; 7. Team player with a high level of self-organization and a collaborative ability; 8. Quality-oriented attitude; 9. Attention to detail;

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type



1~3 years

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