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Job Responsibilities

1. Lead the establishment and improvement of the quality management system and system, be responsible for the management work related to the operation of the factory quality system, and be responsible for the overall quality work results of the department; 2. Promote the closed loop of quality issues, organize internal audit, management review, customer audit and monitoring equipment calibration; 3. Lead the formulation of the company's quality management objectives and task decomposition at all levels; 4. Responsible for promoting the achievement of quality goals, and regularly organize quality weekly and monthly meetings; 5. Department formation and relevant post recruitment assessment; 6. Deal with relevant customer complaints; 7. Complete other tasks arranged by the company and superiors.

Job Requirements

1. More than 4 years of experience in quality team management; 2. Bachelor degree or above,; 3. Experience in similar electronics industries such as industrial control and power supply is preferred; 4. Possess a good production quality management concept; 5. Meticulous, rigorous, principled work, good ability to resist pressure; 6. Have good learning and communication skills, be good at leading problem solving, and have strong planning and execution skills; 7. Good professional quality, objective and fair work, proactive in dealing with things; 8.Spanish, English and Chinese can be used as working languages. Please feel free to contact Iris, if you are interested Tel:+86 19925195413 Wechat: hiredchina11 Email:

Required Languages

Spanish, English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Quality Manager


3~5 years

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