Supplier Quality Engineer
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Job Responsibilities

- Reviewing our manufacturing specifications to identify materials needed for production. - Researching, sourcing, and assessing the best vendors to supply the necessary materials and are responsible for the quality of those materials. - Visiting vendor facilities and observing the manufacturing environment to review and assess their procedures. - Performing regular quality control audits to ensure vendors continue to work in compliance with company and federal standards. - Reviewing incoming supplies and products from vendors to check for defects and ensure quality. - Conducting tests and assessments on products to identify quality issues. - Maintaining detailed reports on supplier quality, including defect rates and areas that result in flaws. - Providing technical advice and guidance to suppliers to reduce defect rates. - Serving as a liaison between our company's senior management and the vendors to identify quality issues and come up with solutions.

Job Requirements

- A bachelor's (college)degree in engineering, science, or logistics. - 3-5 years of proven experience in manufacturing and in securing vendor contracts. - Familiar with the basic knowledge of mechanical drawing and geometric dimensions and tolerances; Familiar with the design principle of inspection tools; Basic use of CAD, UG software; Familiar with supplier management related knowledge; Familiar with ISOTS16949 quality system; Understand stamping, extrusion, injection molding, welding, painting processes; Understand stamping, mold design, manufacturing; Understand the quality requirements of automotive exterior and interior accessories and customer needs. (Learn about one or more of these processes). - Excellent statistical analysis and quality assurance skills. - In-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of manufacturing and engineering. - Good working knowledge of quality control standards and government compliance. - Experience with manufacturing and production processes and engineering principles. - Ability to provide guidance to improve process efficiency. - Excellent communication and English skills.

Required Languages

Mandarin, Serbian , English

Job Details

Position type

Quality Manager


3~5 years

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