Content operations/Copy planning/Overseas promotion
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShenzhen
Shenzhen Qishi Network Technology Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities: 1, responsible for overseas social media sector (Facebook /instagram/Youtube/Tiktok), based on product tuning, IP personality, business objectives, to complete content creation (including but not limited to: copy, pictures, short video), for the front-end operating part of the sales transformation. 2, understand the overseas hot content weather vane, mining the mainstream play in the market, combined with business direction, innovation and create content in line with the brand and front-end actual business needs. 3, combined with brand orientation, the development of content operation rhythm, planning, responsible for coordination, and landing execution and data analysis and re-disk; 4, collaborative user operation, platform operation, etc. , the organization plans all kinds of private activities, for activity, conversion rate and other business indicators responsible; 5, create all kinds of drainage, promote life, fission and other new play.

Job Requirements

1, undergraduate and above, the experience of studying in the United States is preferred; 2, familiar with overseas culture, has a strong sense of network and content sensitivity, with content creation, production experience, familiar with marketing copy and high-translation article collaboration logic; 3, clear logic, with private domain activity planning capacity, data analysis and cross-functional communication and collaboration capabilities; 4, strong executive and stress-resistant, active thinking, innovative spirit, with strong business sensitivity and industry perspective.

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Content Writer/Copywriter


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