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Job Responsibilities

As the 1st Tiktok MCN in Xiamen, Top 10 in Tiktok Spark Program, “Black Friday” Key Live Streaming Account, we are seeking English streamers/bloggers who have strong enthusiasm and ambition on Tiktok. Forget about boring jobs like teachers, models, bartenders,etc, come and join us in exploring new worlds on Tiktok. ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.Responsible for selling our company’s products on Tiktok live streaming, job details include customer shopping guide, question answering, engage customers in active participation with your activity, gaming and shopping. 2.Responsible for preparation before every live streaming starts, summary after every live streaming ends, in order to improve live streaming sales efficiency; 3.Work with our colleagues to formulate monthly live streaming plans according to monthly sales goals, and important shopping dates like Christmas or Black Friday. 4.Rapidly grasp the selling bullet points of every product, continuously provide feedback and implement adjustment, optimize live streaming scripts and content, increase customer participation, and enhance the stickiness of fans; 5.Review every live streaming you participates with our colleagues, analyze other shopping streamers’ live streams, and occasionally adjust live streaming style and content. 6. Write a daily summary of every live streaming, summarize the problems during live streaming, provide feedback, and continuously optimize live streaming skills.

Job Requirements

BASIC & PREFFERED QUALIFICATIONS 1.No limitation on nationality or experience. 2.Fluent spoken English, strong language expression ability and lens expressiveness, natural and smooth communication are required. 3.Good working attitude, teamwork spirit, sense of self-management, ability of withstanding strong work pressure are required. 4.Passion for social media, short video shooting, or live streaming is required. 5.Interest in building overseas IP image and developing overseas self-media are preferred. 6.Experience in self-media, short video shooting, live streaming are preferred. 7. Successful practices of attracting and maintaining social media fans are preferred.

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