Head of Asia Pacific region (based in HK )
Full-time40k - 45K RMB per monthhongkong
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Job Responsibilities

Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in business, IT and other related fields is preferred, with more than six years experience in operator and IT industry is preferred; 2. Experience in compliance operation is preferred; 3, good communication skills, willing to actively take responsibility; 4. Fluent in business English and Chinese

Job Requirements

1. Be fully responsible for the team management, operation management and policy research of subsidiaries, and report to headquarters regularly; 2. Reasonably and effectively allocate human resources and build and manage teams according to the organizational structure of subsidiaries set by the headquarters, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees and improve work efficiency; 3. Coordinate and supervise the team work, ensure the company's compliance operation, and do a good job in risk prevention such as taxation and employment; 4. Responsible for the maintenance of supplier relationship and customer relationship; To be responsible for understanding relevant local policies and maintaining contact with relevant local government departments to improve the daily operation efficiency of the company; 6. Assist the head office to manage the compliance operation of Asia-Pacific/European countries, and be able to travel to Asia-Pacific/European countries

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Operation/technical support


5~10 years

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