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TPM manager
Full-time35K - 40K RMB per monthShenzhen
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for new project progress control, quality control and personnel coordination; 2. Responsible for docking with customers in the NPI stage, assessing needs and reviewing project feasibility; 3. Responsible for the management of the whole process of product development from NPI to MP, lead the project management team, and cooperate with relevant departments such as business, R&D, supply chain to meet customer requirements with quality and quantity; 4. Formulate the project plan, supervise the implementation of the project plan, identify the risk path and continue to correct the error to ensure the smooth progress of the project; 5. Review the project stage and grasp the quality of the project; 6. Responsible for APQP, change management, risk management, and control project time and cost; 7. Responsible for trial production scheduling, problem collection, report summary, product delivery, PPAP. Efficiently complete the transfer of the project from the trial production stage to the mass production stage; 8. Lead the company's project management process optimization, project management team building and training.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, engineering background, Indian nationality is preferred; 2.8~10 years or more 3C consumer electronics industry background, strong project management, new product development experience, certain technical research and development background, familiar with SMT/PCBA/FATP production and development process is preferred, experience in docking with major customers in Europe and the United States is the best; 3. Have team management experience, accept irregular overseas business trips (India); 4. This position is considered as a senior manager or director with a background in quality project management or technical project management.

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