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Sales Manager
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Job Responsibilities

1. According to the company's strategic development requirements, cooperate with colleagues in HQ to achieve the sales target of the responsible market and key customers. 2. Regularly complete the market research work (market environment, competitors, customer credit, etc.) and present the research report to China HQ. Provide advice and information support for major marketing decisions in this market. 3. Visit customers regularly, maintain good relationship with customer, gain in-depth insights into markets,, and timely report to the headquarters. 4. Promote the implementation of major projects (new customer, new product development, etc.), and be able to solve emergencies independently. 5. In-depth study of product and quality knowledge, and provide brazing knowledge training to local agents and key customers.

Job Requirements

1.Learning ability: Good learning ability, able to quickly grasp product knowledge, selling points, application scope and basic fault analysis; 2.Communication skills: able to communicate and coordinate well with headquarters and customers. 3.Language ability: Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and local language skills. 4.Software: proficient in Office software, SAP, SALESFORCE, etc. 5.Executive ability: able to quickly and accurately understand job requirements and complete tasks on time. 6.Result-oriented: result-oriented, put forward their own solutions to problems, and ensure results. 7.Information collection: Have the ability to collect information and find out important information accurately. 8.Cooperation ability: able to utilize the resources at hand and actively cooperate to achieve the goal.

Required Languages

Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, English

Job Details

Position type

Sales director


1~3 years

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